The review of Squaremino® by Tillywig for a 2017 Tillywig Best Family Fun Award.

        – Tillywig Toy and Media Awards

The review of Squaremino® by the Parents’ Choice Foundation for a 2017 Parents’ Choice Award.

        – Parents’ Choice Foundation

“Wow, you guys shipped fast! Fastest I’ve ever received a reward from KS. Family and I played a few rounds last night and loved it. It’s very deceiving … just when you think you have a winning move, someone else takes it and you can’t play anywhere … Love this game!”

        – Team TJ, Blue Springs, MO

“Game arrived astonishingly quickly! Played it Saturday with the kids and they loved it (they are pros at Qwirkle, Dominoes and Rummikub so this fits nicely with their skill sets).”

        – Greg, Fairfax, VA

“Great game. Very fun to play. My girlfriend and I have had a blast with it, as well as both our families. Thank you again for making such a fun game.”

        – Parker, Baltimore, MD

“You have developed a very addicting game. We have been playing this every day since it arrived. We love dominoes, but Squarmino has taken its place!”

“Just bought another for my brother’s birthday!”

“My brother loved it for his birthday present!”

“This is turning out to be very popular with all our friends. Christmas will see us getting several as gifts.”

        – John, Boulder Creek, CA

“Fun game that requires more thinking ahead than I originally thought it would. Just when you have a plan in place, someone takes your spot and you are stuck. Interesting take on dominoes and similar to Qwirkle. Glad I bought this game. The entire family loves it!”

        – Elizabeth

“The great thing about Squaremino Board Game Deluxe Edition is that it offers a great game for two players, works really well for families, and with some adjustment of the rules, can work even for very young children in the late pre-school range. I bought this to play with my grandchildren. I found that the rules for matching colors and numbers can work well all the way down to the four to six year old level if the other players are patient. The four year old was not patient enough to play with number runs (1,2,3), but enjoyed matching colors and numbers! When I was not playing with them, I discovered that the biggest hit for the preschoolers was using the Squareminos to build things, which worked well because they are designed to stack!”

“I was really surprised at the high quality of the pieces – this is a game that is going to last and will stand up to rowdy children in a way that cardboard box games never do!!!!! The pieces are beautiful, and the perfect size for young hands to be able to handle easily.”

“The wonderful thing about this game is that the level of complexity in the play scales up or down according to who is playing it. If playing with younger children you can go for simpler rules. If playing with adults you can go for some of the more complex rules, and the competitive level of play among older players will ramp up the complexity of some of the strategies employed.”

“I am waiting to see what new variations on the rules people start inventing! I predict that this game will become one of the classic staples in most family’s game cupboards because of the combination of quality and the flexibility with which the game play can adjust complexity according to who is playing. Its fast and easy to learn, and great fun!”

        – Dr. Richards, Ann Arbor, MI

“A quality gift, my family play and enjoy “Squaremino” frequently – sure beats mobiles. A quality gift for young children and fun for all the family.”

        – L. E. Pembroke

“Fun game for families, based on the classic dominoes, but different. Even though the game is somewhat strategic, it is simple enough. Can be played as a two person game or with a group. So good for keeping on the shelf of the summer cabin, for rainy day entertainment.”

        – Joanna D.

“When I was a small child, I would sit on my grandparent’s screen-in side porch and play dominoes with my granddad, and that is one of my happiest memories. So when I saw this Sqauremino game, I just had to have it, and it is so much fun! The game comes with big, sturdy color-coded tiles that everybody picks and then places onto a growing assembly of tiles that is matched with color and dots. The first person to run out of tiles is the winner, making this game easy enough for everyone in the family to play, even the youngsters.”

“The tiles come in a really nice metal tin that stores away with ease, but I leave it out on my side-room table in case someone wants to play. Gather the family and friends and have fun playing Squaremino — you might be making a happy memory for someone.”

        – JLC, Fairfax, VA

“This is a domino version of Qwirkle that is easier for younger players to understand but still retains the same fun factor. You can line up your dominoes with either the same color 1-4, or you can line up four different colors of the same number, such as 4 twos, or 4 sixes. The dominoes come in a nice sturdy tin and the dominoes themselves are of great quality. I prefer Qwirkle, but the grandkids love this game.”

        – L. Maynard, Dallas, TX

“This is a quick, fast paced game for up to four players. My husband and I played this with our fifteen year old daughter. The sqauremino pieces are solid and heavy. The colored dots are vibrant. The instructions come with several illustrations/examples are were easy to follow. We did have to refer to them a couple of times while we were playing. Each game that we played lasted no longer than ten minutes. Overall, it was entertaining. My daughter thought it was just okay, but my husband and I thought it was a good, strategic game. I do like that it didn’t require a lot of time. My daughter loves to play board games, but so many of them take a really long time to complete. I think this will be a good game for us to play with our niece and nephew (ages 6 & 8) this summer.”

        – LVesper, Springs, GA

“Squaremino closely resembles Dominos. The object is to match tiles either by color or number of dots, and to be the first one to use up all tiles. I played the game with my two grandchildren, ages 7 and 4. The 7-year-old learned the rules quickly and understood the goal. The 4-year-old decided to make up her own rules, which was funny in a way, but frustrating. The strategy and concentration level might be a bit much for many kids.”

“The game also works well for families with kids of, say, 6 years old and older. Like Dominos, no board is needed, but you should play on a pretty wide surface, since play can move in any direction. The floor or a very large table work best.”

“The playing tiles are well-made and should last a long time. They are packaged in a sturdy tin box, which is a much better idea than a bag or cardboard box that won’t be able to take the weight of the tiles over time.”

        – The Movie Man, Maywood, NJ

“The best thing about SQUAREMINO is that it can be played by people of all ages. Families can play together, and the kids will have as good a chance of winning as their parents – maybe more!”

“This is a well-made game, with heavy tiles and a nice metal box to keep them in. The tiles are thick enough to stand up on end, which allows players to arrange them so that they can see them without their opponent(s) seeing them. The instruction sheet is easy to follow, and the rules are fairly simple. The more you play it, the more challenging it can get – that’s part of the fun! Since this game can be played by 2-4 players, it’s perfect for my husband and me. We’re both retired, and we love games we can play without having to round up others.”

“Overall, this is a great game. I highly recommend it.”

        – Kathy Cunningham, Bowie, MD

“This is a really fun game! It’s simple, yet slightly strategic. I have yet to play with more than one other person, so I can’t speak to what it’s like as a multiplayer game. However, as a two player game, I really like it (with slight modifications to the rules so the games last longer!). The pieces come in a nice tin, which is not overly huge, making this an easy game to take with you if traveling or bringing to a party or something.”

“A lot of fun. I was pleasantly surprised, and I would definitely recommend it!”

        – Dani Arteri

“These are a lot of fun. If you play dominoes, you’ll get the basic idea of this game pretty quickly. Because the pieces are square it’s a bit simple when playing one-on-one but there are a lot of game variations in the instructions which can add complexity depending on the number of players and their ages.”

“This is a quality game. It comes in a sturdy tin and the pieces are thick and durable making them easy to hold and arrange.”

“The tin is also sized well so the tiles can be placed in the tin without needing to be carefully stacked and everything is contained and ready to travel or store until your next game night.”

        – Miss Print, New York, NY

“My favorite thing about this product is the quality of the playing pieces. The square tiles are hefty–almost 1.25″ across and near .5 inches thick. The game is very simple–the instructions say ages six and up, but in a game-playing family with a little patience, younger children who can count to four with understanding and know their colors could play this. So this is a game that can be played at family or group gatherings with wide participation.”

“My husband and I found the playing of the game to be a bit simplistic to play on a regular basis with just two of us. Playing this in a larger group, though, picks up the complexity a bit. We will definitely bring it out at the next family gathering and see how it is received by a larger crowd.”

        – E. Burton, Richardson

“I’m in to playing games and I requested this as a Christmas gift, unfortunately I can’t always get others to play so I was forced to teach my 4 year old granddaughter even though the games states ages 6 to adult. She is getting the idea but has no concept of strategy yet so I’ve designed a solitary way to play as I really like to play!!!”

        – Angela L. Conley, Fort Washington, MD